Begins Guitar Lessons at "The Sound Post" (Mt.Prospect, IL)

Formed first band "Total Eclipse" (7th Grade Talent show winners/ Holmes Jr. High)

Guitar Instructor (The Sound Post Mt. Prospect, IL)

Harper College Graduate (Palatine, IL)

Musicians Institute Graduate (Hollywood, CA)

Appeared in Mike Varney "Spotlight Column" - Guitar Player Magazine

Guitar Instructor/ Live Sound Engineering (Los Angeles, CA)

Formed band "Black Elvis"  (Hollywood, CA)

NAMM Show Performance/ Thunderfunk Amps (McCormick Place/ Chicago, IL)

Touring Guitar Technician for Paul Gilbert/ Mr. Big

Formed band "Pinch”  (Chicago, IL)

Joined Matt Mercado/ Mind Bomb"  (Venice Beach, CA)

Joined Enuff Z'Nuff (1996)

Gibson Endorsement

Extensive Touring Throughout US, Europe, UK & Japan (Enuff Z'Nuff)

Formed band "Low-teK" (Chicago, IL)

Low-teK  "Where:U:Want 2B" CD Release

Formed "Sadie" (Beatles, Elvis Costello, David Bowie, Queen)

Appeared In Several Issues Of "Young Guitar" Magazine (Japan)

Engineering On Pro Tools 24-bit Digital Audio Production System

Enuff Z'Nuff U.S. & European Tour

Appeared On VH1 "Behind The Music"

Formed "Johnny Monaco" (Power-Pop) 

Appeared in Metal Edge Magazine

Song Writing Lecture & Acoustic Performance/ Harper College (Rex Burwell)

Song Writing Lecture & Acoustic Performance/ Northeastern Illinois University (Brian Torosian)

Glam Slam Metal Jam, U.S. Tour. (Poison, Warrant, Quiet Riot, Enuff Z'Nuff)

Extensive Touring throughout US, Europe & Japan (Enuff Z'Nuff)

Coors Light Advertising Campaign/ "Aint No Mountain" (Genuine Music)

Multiple US & UK Touring  (Enuff Z'Nuff)

Johnny Monaco "Your Secret's Not Safe With Me" EP Release

TV/ Radio Advertising: Coors Light, Budweiser (Genuine Music)

TV/ Radio Advertising: Michelob, L&M, Pall Mall, Army, KFC, Ivory (Genuine Music)

TV/ Radio Advertising: United Home Mortgage, Jeep, Ford & Nintendo (Genuine Music)

Johnny Monaco Solo Acoustic Shows

Featured In Pilot Taping for VH1 TV Reality Show "Bands On The Run"

Johnny Monaco "Breathe" CD Release

US & European Tours (Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, UK)

Various TV/ Radio Advertising Campaigns including Ford & Dodge (Genuine Music)

Johnny Monaco Solo Acoustic performances (Chicago & Midwest)

Seymour Duncan Endorsement

Laney Amplification Endorsement

Johnny Monaco "Overrated" CD Release

Johnny Monaco "Guitar Geek Instrumentals" EP Release

Leaves Enuff Z'nuff (Jan 2008)

NAMM Show Performance (Laney Amplification)

Johnny Monaco Harper College Alumni Performance

Trash Martini Performances (Chicago & Midwest)

Breakfast Club & Rock Band Karaoke Performances

Almost★Famous Performances (Power Pop – Rock – Dance & 80’s)

Johnny Monaco & The Traitors UK Tour 2012

InTune Guitar Picks Endorsement

​Weekly performances with Almost★Famous (Chicago & Midwest)

Writing & recording for Johnny Monaco & The Traitors

80's Invasion Tour 2013 (Enuff Z'nuff, Bang Tango & Ted Poley from Danger Danger)

Breakfast Club & Rock Band Karaoke Performances

Mixing new EP 'LA Vacation'

Enuff Z'Nuff UK Winter Tour 2014

LA Vacation on iTunes

Enuff Z'Nuff "Good Times Are Hard To Find Tour 2015" (Vegas-LA-Seattle)

Enuff Z'Nuff "Good Times Are Hard To Find Tour 2015" (UK-Spain)

Enuff Z'Nuff "Bang Your Head Tour" (Quiet Riot, Jack Russell's Great White & Tracii Gun's LA Guns)

Breakfast Club - Shagadelics  & Rock Band Karaoke  Performances

Johnny Monaco Solo Acoustic performances

Beyond Belief: A Tribute To Elvis Costello

Enuff Z'Nuff Cathouse Live at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre 2015

It's Not Me It's Absolutely You!  The Johnny Monaco Podcast

Joined SongDivision

Axes & Anchors Cruise (feat. Yngwie Malmsteen & Zakk Wylde)

Breakfast Club - Shagadelics - After Party - Rock Band Karaoke & Country Band Karaoke

Johnny Monaco Solo Acoustic (Promotional Video 2017)

Maytag Jingle ("May is Maytag Month")

She's Leaving Home - The Beatles (Video)

Brauerhouse Open Jam Host

Tantric Summer/ Fall Tour 2017

L.A. Guns Spring Tour 2018 (April - June)

The Socialites - Current - Pop - Rock - Dance & 80's